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Men's Health-guy talk!

Jerry's Coaching
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HEY GUYS........we are all in different life situations, so my coaching work is taylored to you as an individual, and since we all change over time, so does the coaching approaches. So you can use my coaching briefly or over a longer period of time....YOU DECIDE THAT!

Since my coaching sessions are holistic, there are times we might work on some Adult themes. So I can only offer you men's coaching if you are over the age of 21.

Below is a list of some of my fee structures.

IN PERSON COACHING: $150.00 per hour
PHONE TIME: $150.00 per hour
OFFICE TIME: $100.00 per hour
TRAVEL TIME: negotiated

* Unusual coaching work can be arranged by mutual agreement, with fees set accordingly.

There is lots of options about how we can work together. We could work in person, when possible. But, we could also use phone contacts, mail, fax, e-mails or any other communication method [sometimes you have to get very creative about this.]

I'm working on methods of payment, so you have as many choices as possible. [ See below for payment options and retainer fees. ]

My direct E-mail link.

***There is [ No Charge ] to send me an e-mail [ if you want more information about me, my working methods or to see if coaching is right for you. ]

You can Now use Paypal to pay fees or a retainer. Paypal's servives accepts credit cards and other methods of payment, so we can start to work immediately. You can set up a Paypal account in just a few minutes.
* If you want to use Paypal, please e-mail me first so I can give you my account data.

Link to PAYPAL

RETAINER FEES: Let's face it guys, I can only coach a handful of men at one time. So, if you want me to hold open some coaching time for you then send in a retainer of $250.00. The retainer is [ not refundable] but you use that money for future coaching sessions, and when it is used up, simply send in another retainer fee.

Jeremiah P. Huck, PO Box 331, Piermont, N.Y.,10968