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Men's Health-guy talk!

About Jerry
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I'll bet you want to know something about this guy who's offering you men's life coaching.

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My Story:

I have a masters degree with years of education, training and research beyond that. I'm a former psychotherapist, college instructor and hospital consultant. Following a near- death experience, I retrained and entered the alternative-holistic health movements. I became a shaman and got involved in the men's movement. As time went on I developed some specialities [ my spirit guides requested that I focus my work ]. So I developed skills in environmental issues, intuitive business consulting and men's work. Additionally, I have a background in sales, business and management. I've been featured on radio,TV and in newspaper. I'm listed in Whos Who references around the world. Finally, I've published some material.

Today, I work out of a small office in my apartment. I have a full time job, and coach/consult part time. I'm married with grown children.

[ Well guys....I hope that answers some of your questions. ]


My Philosophy:

My philosophy is to search for the clearest truth in any situation. Truth is a doorway out of confusion and problems. Although confusion is often where we feel safe, in the end it never works out, and can't get us where we need to go.

Being male gives us a body/mind and life reference that is different from the females around us. That is the basic truth that I work from, whether you're white collar or blue, gay or straight, Christian or Jew.

Often people and situations pull us in many different directions. If we get too caught up in that stuff, and stray too far from our inner male core, we usually wind up with mental, emotional or physical problems. So, my philosophy is to help you keep this inner core intact while you function in the world.

Jeremiah P. Huck, PO Box 331, Piermont, NY, 10968, USA