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The study of Feng Shui came from the East.........
Grand Palace
Hello and welcome to the mysterious yet practical world of Feng Shui.
My name is Jeremiah P. Huck, I'm a professional shaman, business intuitive and Feng Shui consultant.

Explore the pages on this site to gather information about Feng Shui, and to find out if a Feng Shui consultation is right for you!
The environment and Feng Shui that we live in today is more complex then in ancient times, making a full Feng Shui assessment of any situation very complicated.
So if you want to apply Feng Shui techniques, tools or approaches to improve your life, home, office, business, community or any situation, there are times you might want to call on a Feng Shui expert.
According to Feng Shui principles, your front door is the gate to your future!

Store entrance; Size=180 pixels wide
This entrance has some spiritual-energy problems!

Both vertical and horizontal energy is necessary!!
Windows of office building
Vertical energy helps keep us standing tall.

Since you can't see the foundation

of this building, it appears to be

floating in space. Like people,

buildings need a good grounding,

a strong earth connection!

FENG SHUI TIDBIT: When you have an issue
or problem in your life.....don't be so quick to
blame yourself or those around you, but first
test the environment to see if negative Feng
Shui is the real cause!

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E-mail me here!!!

Jeremiah P. Huck
PO Box 331
Piermont, NY,10968

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Feng Shui Tidbit:

Life evolved in more simple, natural

settings. Yet even there the shamans

used Feng Shui tools to help their

tribe. Today, the landscape around a

modern building is seen as a critical

factor in any Feng Shui assessment!

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