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Jerry's Consulting
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Jerry's Consulting
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We need a good connection to both Heaven and Earth
Garden of the Gods
Earth energy supports us and grounds our spirit.

Jerry is a professional shaman, mens's life coach , business intuitive and [ environmental energetics ] Feng Shui consultant.

Ornamental piece with gold figures

Feng Shui Tidbit:

Round or circular space and objects

are associated with the feminine.

Male energy is associated with squares

and straight lines.

Jerry has years of experience to offer in his consulting work. He brings
with him a strong male focus believing that the environment should both
protect and support you [ male energy ] but he also knows that a whole
environment  must meet all our needs [ the female as well ].
Below are listed some of his fee structures..........

If we don't dam it up, life provides for us!
Like water, money needs to flow and keep moving......

* Money and financial issues are a real factor in our lives. Feng Shui tools can be a resource for you when you want to increase your cash flow.




E-MAIL [ single question ] : $25.00
Fax  [ single question : $25.00
Phone time: $150.00 per hour
Office time : $100.00 per hour
Field time :$ 175.00 per hour
Travel time [ LOCAL]: $ 50.00 per hour
 Travel time [ long distance] : negociated
Research time : $ 100.00 per hour
Whole project time: negociated
Special arrangements: negociated


Usually a Feng Shui consultation takes place in person, and
can go on for months as things clear and unfold leading to
new possibilities. However, this is not always possible nor
So I offer professional advice by mail, by e-mail, through fax
contacts, by phone, in person or in any creative way that
effective communication can take place.
Consulting can be focused on your life, home or business
and commercial interests..
To start a consulting process it is best to reach me by E-MAIL
first !

Jerry's E-MAIL link!!!

Jeremiah P. Huck, PO Box 331, Piermont, NY, 10968, USA