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A Little History


A Little History
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St. Basils Cathedral

                                  FENG SHUI TIDBIT: Color has a great impact
                                  on you, just changing the color of a room, or
                                  adding accent colors in paint or objects can
                                  alter your situation!!!
                                  FENG SHUI TIDBIT: The history of a building
                                  is locked into the energy of it's structure, if
                                  things keep going wrong in your life after
                                  moving into a new space.....try using a space
                                  clearing method like burning candles!!!
                                   FENG SHUI TIDBIT: Electronics are highly
                                   sensitive to Feng Shui factors. This web site
                                   was a real pain to build, you can see issues
                                   all over the site that would not take any correction
                                   from me........You see I work out of a small home
                                   office, which is in an old apartment building. This
                                   place is quite haunted with creatures I don't much
                                   like. They are always causing problems, inspite
                                   of years of years of clearing and other measures,
                                   they refuse to leave. They often cause the breakdown
                                   of mechanical and electronic equipment.
                                  So if you dealing with alot of technical problems
                                  at home or might suspect there is a
                                  special type of Feng Shui issue operating!!!






Well, here is a little information about myself........
and my perspective on the history of Feng Shui.



Reflection of clouds on glass building

Ornamental piece with gold figures

Urban scene

Window w/flowers

FENG SHUI TIDBIT: You can always improve  your life by using even simple    
environmental corrections!!!

Below is a little about Jerry's background.

In childhood Jerry could hear spirit voices and see energy patterns
around us. But by growing up in a Western culture, he lost this level
of awareness. He became a psychotherapist, working with the usual, everyday problems many people face, like troubled youth, relationship
problems, addiction issues, etc. However at age 39 he had a profound
near-death experience, lasting years. Since that experience he could
hear spirit voices and see energy again. He was guided to become a
shaman, trained as a healer, etc.  His guides are many and have different interests. Some trained him as a shaman, some trained him
to work with business, and some are very interested in how our environment effects us [ Feng Shui ].
He is a researcher and explorer by nature. Today Jerry hosts and co-hosts television shows on holistic topics. He's an author of published
articles and has been featured in newspapers, radio and TV. He is listed in ' Who's Who' references both nationally and internationally. He is married to his wife Sandy and has grown children, Jacqueline and Jeffrey. He also has a grown foster daughter, Suzanne Blanch



Below is Jerry's shamanic approach
to Feng Shui's evolution.

              The ancient Oriental cultures had many active
              shamans from which evolved many related
              but different paths, traditions and skills. The
              martial arts developed as a study of the connection
              between the mind, body and spirit. The healing
              shamans also used that same connection, and
              added the study of the plant and mineral worlds
              as primal forms of medication. The psychic
              shamans explored our mental abilities, our
              relationship to spirit and how spiritual realities
              related back to us. The Feng Shui shamans
              added to our understanding of how we relate
              to our environment and how the environment
              effects us.
              In more modern times, especially during the
              past twenty  years or so there has been a renewed
              interest in these areas. The new age, human
              potential, holistic, alternative health and environmental
              movements have been the breeding ground for
              modern shamans, healers and psychics of
              all types, skills and interests.
              The ancients called everything [ spirit ], modern
              science has established  that everything is [ energy ],
              so Feng Shui today would be seen as the study
              and correction of energy patterns around us, or
              what I call [ environmental energetics ]. However,
              energy or spirit would mean the same thing to
              most Feng Shui consultants, including myself.



E-mail me here.

Jeremiah P. Huck, PO Box, 331, Piermont, NY, 10968, USA