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Intuitive Business Consulting

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Explore the mystery of success...............

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Making good business decisions is often like rolling the don't always have all the data you need !
                              Hello and welcome the site. My name is Jeremiah P. Huck. I'm a modern, professional shaman. Among other things, I specialize in training business leaders and staff an energetic understanding of business issues, and how to solve problems using this approach. Additionally, I provide personal intuitive insight into areas that need to be addressed in all aspects of your business. For those times when it is necessary to make hard and tough choices, I provide energetic tools and spiritual support to help you follow through.
                             So when it's time to work on that project, transform or reorganize.........when your looking for your place in the business community or the global economy and need some insight, drop me an e-mail so we can start to work on that..........

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Jerry holds a masters degree, with years of academic training beyond that. He is a former psychotherapist, college instructor and hospital consultant. He trained and practiced in the human potential and alternative health movements for years. He also has a background in business and management, and has spent years exploring new approaches to solving business issues. He has hosted television programs on related topics.

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Do you want more information about shamanism, holism or business? Jerry now publishes an online magazine and newsletter dealing with this material. Best of all, it's free. So, check out the publication and sign up for the newsletter!

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There are many things they don't teach in business school!!!

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Jeremiah P. Huck, PO Box 331, Piermont, NY, 10968

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